Hi! I’m a corpus linguist.

I specialise in quantitative corpus linguistics and work on minority and endangered languages.

In the Barth Lab is at the School of Culture, History and Language at Australian National University.

We work on projects to advance Matukar Panau language documentation, including annotation of data and building of community materials.

We work on projects to advance our knowledge of linguistic variation in minority languages like Tok Pisin and Matukar Panau.

We work on corpus typology, including the SCOPIC project.

Research Gate Profile with recent publications here

Corpus Linguistics is a new course at ANU. Featured on the Sydney Corpus Lab’s blog

We’re on the radio:

Matukar, Rudolf Raward and Danielle Barth were featured on ABC Radio discussing linguistic diversity in PNG and language documentation in February 2022:


Also with an interview in Tok Pisin:


More Media:

Enga on TikTok? Awesome!



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